Writing Content to Navigate a Changing Business Environment

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How Kintronics Used ContentMX to Transform its Business.

Kintronics is a physical security company. Today, we sell network attached products such as IP cameras, IP door readers, IP intercoms, and paging systems.  Over the years we have learned that nothing stays the same.  Business is constantly changing.  Products that were hot one year are dogs the next.  Surviving changing markets is a constant challenge. 15 years ago we sold CD-ROM Servers that allowed people to share CD and DVD discs on the network.  At that time, we were found on the first page of Google (and we still are). Well, those products are no longer available. At the beginning of last year, the most popular products were IP camera systems, but by the end of the year IP door access control, IP intercoms, and long range night vision cameras had replaced these products.

Those of us who rely on our website to bring in new leads are constantly challenged to keep our product offering relevant.  It is an essential part of our business. Not only do we have to add new products, we need to make sure the keyword phrases are changed so that when people search for these new products, they find us on the first page.  Here’s how we transitioned our site to attract leads for the new product lines:

New Products, New Webpage

The first step was to create new web pages that included content that described our new products – one page per product.  We also modified some of our old pages by adding links to the new pages.  Once we created the page, we needed to “pump it up”.  We pumped up the new pages by using the right content in our blog and newsletter that support the key search terms for the product pages.  We also published articles to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. We found that the more we published, the more likely our new page would rise to the first page in the search results.

We had time to write our own content, but not everyone has the time or ability to do this right. It is a time consuming process and you need to make sure you include the right set of keyword phrases. The publishing tool you use also plays an important part in this process. We use ContentMX to publish our content to all of these places and to our email list.

Publish to Build Search Position

To build our web position, we needed to publish relevant content.  It’s very important that the content used included all the keyword phrases that apply to our new products.

In general our choices were:

  • Write our own content
  • Purchase relevant content from writers that are aware of the value of keyword phrases
  • Use a concierge service, like ContentMX, that understands your total requirements, provides the right content and publishes in the right places. A concierge publishing service can review your objectives, understand the search requirements, and then publish to your blog, newsletter, and social media sites. In this case, our efforts were supported by a team led by a managing editor.
How Does Content Help You Get Found?

We discovered that the content on our blog helped add relevance to our website.  It improved the amount of information we provided, and the Google algorithm liked this.  Google promotes sites that are very informative and that are regularly updated with new and unique content.

Publishing to our newsletter, increased the number of people who went to our site. The newsletter contained content that included links to our new pages. The more people who visited our site, the more popular our site became, and consequently our search position improved.

The Results

We have constantly worked at updating our website and provided many informative articles in our blog.  We have also published monthly technology related newsletters. We actually just published our 100th issue!.  ContentMX has provided the tools and services we needed to get this all done. This is an essential part of our business model.  It directly affects our business success.

At the beginning of 2016, our web site received about 15,000 unique visitors per month.  The most searched term was “IP camera systems”.  By the end of the year, our web site attracted over 21,000 unique visitors per month, and the most searched term was “IP door access systems”.  The higher number of visitors increased the number of leads we received, and our business improved.  The world had changed but by using the right content marketing service we were able to adjust our web marketing to maximize our chance for success.