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ContentMX solves your content challenges.
Our content marketing platform is the easiest way to obtain original new content, curate content from trusted resources, and to immediately publish this content to a blog, an email newsletter, and all social sites at once. Drive new leads and track your results.
We have proven that an integrated content strategy along with the worlds best newsletter builder will increase your sales. We would love the chance to show you how. So please Sign Up for a FREE trial today.
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  • Custom written articles for you to own

    Content optimized to improve SEO results. We have access to thousands of freelance writers with a range of expertise and life experiences that can provide high quality and relevant content to your audience. We work with you to identify writers and provide the editorial instructions needed to produce the best content.

  • A content dashboard customized just for you

    We work with you to identify and configure a content dashboard that puts all of the content sources that are relevant to your business at your fingertips and ready for you to curate for distribution to your customers. Post all your curated and custom written content to your blog, newsletter, and social sites.

  • A mobile-friendly newsletter template

    Configured to the branding and design you provide. As you publish content to blogs and social networks this content is automatically collected and included into a richly formatted newsletter that dynamically reformats to look great on mobile devices in addition to traditional desktop formats.

  • Work with the Platform You Already Have

    Butterfly Publisher works with the marketing platform you already have including HubSpot, Exact Target, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr and more.

    Exact Target HubSpot
    Constant Contact MailChimp
    iContact Vertical Response
  • Inbound, Push, and Pull - It's Marketing From All Directions

    Collect and distribute content through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, your blogs, your website, RSS, and more. Then distill all of this into a social newsletter that pulls people into the conversation. Then, add group deals and promotions to collect leads.

  • Your Newsletter - Made Better.

    Bring Your Existing Newsletter to Life with FREE Template Setup. We will take the exact newsletter design that you provide to us (or point us to) and we will apply it to your ContentMX account. This can be a template you are already using or something completely new.

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We are actively seeking Digital Agencies and Consultants who already work with platforms such as Hubspot, Exact Target, Constant Contact, MailChimp and Vertical Response to manage their client's marketing efforts. Our content marketing system uniquely integrates social, blog, and newsletter marketing into one time saving platform that provides content at your client's fingertips. Add your knowledge, your content, and your design skills to the mix and there is no limit to the ways you can drive better marketing results. If you sell to businesses in a specific marketplace, you may also have the opportunity to private-label our service under your brand.

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Great for Channel and Affiliate Marketers

Offer a robust newsletter, blog, and social media marketing service that provides high quality content to your reseller partners and affiliates.

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Use Email To Give Your Social Content Traction: 4 Tips

In social media, many marketers feel like they’re speaking in a forest where no one is listening. A great way to help insure your content is read is to remind people of it with email.

Aggregated Content Helps Microsoft VAR Start Social Conversations

Microsoft VAR TurnOn!Dynamics is using aggregated content to start a dialogue with prospects in social media.

Power Of Tweeting CEOs

It’s no secret that social media influences how many of us do business. According to new research, 82 percent of us are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team tweets, and 74 percent of us are more likely to buy from companies who go social.


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