Be Found

Be Found

ContentMX provides the custom written content that is proven to increase organic search results. Improve your SEO ranking and bring more traffic to your website.

Promote Engagement

Promote Engagement

Frequent social and blog posts help people remember you and promote referrals. ContentMX takes this a step further and embeds social conversations in newsletters to drive more interactions.

Be Accessible

Be Remembered

Use our integrated social and blog tools with our newsletter publisher to remind people of your presence. Reach people wherever they are with our mobile-friendly email templates.
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Why ContentMX?

Learn why ContentMX is an important addition to any marketing strategy.


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The success of your marketing is too critical to do it all alone. Our marketing experts are ready to evaluate your current content marketing strategy and to provide at least three helpful strategies that will help you move in the right direction.

Who is ContentMX for?

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Customer Stories

View these customer stories to learn how ContentMX helps businesses gain more out of their online marketing.

 “Since using ContentMX, we have doubled our customer count and revenue. We are having the strongest Q4 in the 5 year history of the company and the core driver behind that is ContentMX aiding our organization in marketing. We have more customers coming back and more prospects inquiring because of our campaigns and content. We also booked the largest Fortinet deal in Tec-Refresh’s history.”

– TecRefresh

Customer Spotlight - Tec-RefreshContentMX establishes market differentiation for Tec-Refresh by making it easy to create original content and curate high-quality relevant content that can be directly posted to their blog and website, and used to produce content-rich communications.

Customer Spotlight - PatriotPatriot Technologies establishes itself as a credible technology thought leader, trusted advisor and the go-to source for network security through an enhanced newsletter featuring both original and curated content.

Customer Spotlight - KintronicsKintronics selected the ContentMX Cloud because it allowed them to directly address multiple marketing needs and fix their inbound traffic and SEO problems.
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Marketers use the ContentMX Cloud to integrate marketing efforts and add tangible improvements to their blog, website, social media pages, and email newsletter.

  • Improved blog content makes your business easily found.
  • Interactive, mobile-friendly newsletters drive more social engagement and referrals
  • A robust content dashboard allows content to be selected and published more regularly and frequently.
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Channel Marketers

Channel Marketers use ContentMX to boost their reseller partners content marketing efforts. In its simplest form, a newsletter delivers relevant shareable content that resellers can immediately share to their own social networks and email contacts. We can then go further to offer each partner:

  • Custom written, original articles for use in blogs and newsletters made to improve SEO.
  • Access to a robust content marketing platform that vastly expands brand awareness and engagement.
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Agency Partners

Agency partners are a strong contributor to the success of the ContentMX Cloud. Our current and future agency partners range in expertise and focus, and include:

  • Content marketing agencies
  • Vertically focused marketing services platforms
  • Partner enablement and training
  • Direct marketing agencies
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