5 Things to Know About Content Marketing

Lorien Balayan How To

A huge thank you to ClickDimensions and Heather Wright, Marketing Director, for inviting us to join yesterday’s webinar, ‘Content Marketing with ClickDimensions and ContentMX’. It was an absolute pleasure to talk about content marketing with Heather.

We have rounded up our five favorite take aways from the webinar and have also made ContentMX’s slides available to view on SlideShare. To view the full recording of the webinar, visit here.

  1. 7 out of 10 customers like custom content because the information is targeted to specific interests.
  2. Content marketing is an EXCHANGE of information (seems simple, but every important to remember).
  3. Struggling with what types of content to create? Both Heather and Jeff made great points:
    1. Segment your content into three simple categories – your content should educate, help or entertain your customers.
    2. When strategizing about what types of content to create, ask yourself (and your team) what are the top 5 -10 most frequently asked questions your customers have?  Use those questions and answers as a jumping off point when brainstorming what articles to write and which content to feature.
  4. Jeff and Heather also reminded us that email is NOT dead, very much alive and is still a very effective distribution channel:
    1. Email marketing is a successful way to distribute content because it is easy to measure, is immediate and everyone uses email.
    2. Email newsletters with gamification can open up new engagement opportunities. Reward your customers for sharing content and reward each team member for each share.
  5. To create a successful strategy that drives engagement and generate new leads, think about”the convergence“. To get above the noise and cut through the clutter, align all your digital mediums to spread your message. Leverage your content, website, email newsletters, and social to work together in order make the biggest impact possible. 

Have questions? Email us at sales@contentmx.com or connect with us on Twitter. You can find us at @ContentMX.

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