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High Quality Curated and Original Content

Effective newsletter and social marketing starts with great content. Our expandable content dashboard lets you easily obtain, organize, and regularly publish high quality content to your newsletter, blog, and social networks. Curate content from RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Groups or crowd-source your content needs to a network of writers who will create custom written articles just for you for a very low price.

Social Newsletters

Creating and publishing a regular newsletter can be a time consuming process. Butterfly Publisher can turn any existing newsletter template into a Social Newsletter. Content hot-spots let you easily add content to the newsletter, and it will even fill the newsletter automatically. A robust newsletter is constructed in minutes, and can be sent directly through your Constant Contact account when you are ready to send it.

Why Use Your Constant Contact Email List to Send a Social Newsletter?

If you are like most businesses on the web today, the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn contacts you have pales in comparison to the number of email addresses you have in Constant Contact. By sending an email newsletter that includes portions of the online Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn conversations, your customers and prospects are directed back to these conversations and become more engaged with your brand.

Social Newsletters meld email with your blog and social marketing efforts. A social newsletter includes a collection of the most recent messages that you have posted to your blog and social media sites. This collection is assembled into an email message and can be sent every week to your Constant Contact email list.

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Use Promotions to Add Prospects and Yield Business Results

Social Marketing is about engaging people in a conversation online, and then transforming these people into your army of sales people. By interlacing social promotions in this dialogue, you can turn these interactions into sales.

With Butterfly Publisher you can create social promotions in the form of time and quantity limited group deals that harness the power of social referrals to build your database of prospects and customers.