Butterfly Publisher: Organizing Your Content Dashboard

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Like most people, we are excited to start 2014 off on the right foot. Here at the ContentMX office, as we keep our eye on the falling snow, we are taking a few minutes to organize our Butterfly Publisher Dashboard. Have you organized your dashboard lately?

Having an organized dashboard will make you more efficient when it comes to finding and sharing your content. The best way to organize your dashboard is to utilize the folders and the panels. The folders on the left make it easy to organize your content by source, subject, social site, theme or any way that best suites your needs. The panels make it easy to organize the content within each folder. You can separate your content with two panels, three panels, four, five….. just drag and drop your sources into a panel.

Another helpful hint: make sure your sources are named properly.  Review your sources and if the name for a specific source does not jump out at you or if the name makes it hard for you to recall why you picked that source, change it. You can easily change the name of your source by hovering over it with your cursor and clicking on the pencil.

Remember you can collect content from blogs and keyword searches. Pull whole conversations from Facebook, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn groups. Grab videos from YouTube channels, and more.  And if you have a minute or two, we encourage you to find new sources of content to follow this year. We are all about entering 2014 feeling inspired!