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Content for Blogs – Custom Written for Your Business

Are you looking for more content for your blog?

Look no further. We have thousands of writers who can produce the interesting content you need. This timely and topical information is exactly the type of unique information content search engines like Google are seeking.

Professionally written articles from ContentMX are provided as part of our many service offerings and are the driving force behind a powerful content marketing strategy.

Are you wondering how we can write blog articles just for you?

We can do this because we have an efficient process that is custom tailored for each client. The type and style of the articles we will write is determined through an initial discovery interview. We then produce a Content Plan that provides the backdrop and direction for the writers. Once the Content Plan is approved, work begins and each month you will receive content for blogs, newsletters, and social media.

All of this work is done within our proprietary content management and newsletter publishing platform called the ContentMX Cloud. Use the ContentMX Cloud to manage content, and publish it to your website, blog, newsletter and social media from one easy-to-use console.

What type of content for blogs has been written?

We have produced content for blogs in a range of different subjects. Here are some example titles of past article topics:

  • Jet Skiing and Powerboats on the Lakes of Maine
  • Small and Medium Businesses Need Data Management Too!
  • If CAD Was a Car
  • The Best Saltwater Fishing Tips Along the Inlets Surrounding Norfolk Virginia
  • Environmental Issues: Off the Books Liability and Your D&O
  • Will Obamacare Health Insurance Rates Affect Property and Casualty Insurance Rates?
  • Three Reasons a Yamaha Boat Will Make Your Next Summer the Best One Yet
  • Conflict Minerals, the Dodd-Frank Act and What it Means to You
  • The Importance of Training Your Workforce When Adopting New Technology
  • Alphabet Soup: An Insurance Primer For Entrepreneurs
  • Get the Most Out of Your Yacht’s Kitchen
  • Want Beautiful Apps? 3 tips on how to build them
  • Top 3 Benefits of Virtualization
  • The Firewall Myth – 5 Protection Considerations
  • Best Practice: NIST Guidelines for Mobile Security
  • 7 Ways to Achieve Remote Access Security
  • 6 Technologies to Evolve Your Company’s IT Support Structure
  • The effects Cyber Crime had on businesses in 2014 and the significance of Cyber Security
  • Top 5 Cloud Security Concerns of Virtualization
  • The Devil You Know: Stopping Insider Threats
  • Advanced Attacks: Protect Yourself When All Else Fails
  • Stop the Leaks: 6 Tips on how to prevent Data Leakage
  • Top 5 BYOD Security Recommendations for SMBs
  • The Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Fortinet Next Generation Firewall
  • Five Ways Flexible Modeling with PTC Changes Product Design Forever
  • Top 3 Roles for Business Intelligence
  • 3 Trends That Will Lead You To A More Secured Infrastructure
  • Predictions for 2015: Security Threats on the Horizon
  • The Cost of Security: Can Your University Afford a Security Breach?
  • Improved Golf Course Conditions Means Happy Golfers
  • Tackling Binge Viewer Angst

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