Content Marketing for Credit Unions

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Earlier this month, ContentMX hosted the free webinar, Brand Marketing for Credit Unions and we now have the full recording of the presentation available to view.

In the webinar Jeff Mesnik, the President of ContentMX, talked about Google, the Dodd-Frank Act, content marketing, humanized marketing, the importance of email and social. But he didn’t just talk about these ideas, he provided solutions and strategies that are easy for credit unions to implement.  To view the full presentation, visit here.

Have questions about the presentation? Ask us on Facebook, Twitter or email Jeff directly at

Want to discuss the issues and topics discussed in the presentation even further? Join the new LinkedIn group, Content Marketing for Credit Unions and share your thoughts and/or ask questions and get feedback from your peers. The goal of the group is to create an open dialogue regarding content marketing programs and how they affect your credit union’s overall marketing and business.

Also, keep your eyes open for our next webinar for credit unions. Coming soon!