ContentMX Announces New Content Sharing Mobile App

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For Immediate Release:May 7th, 2014  


ContentMX Announces New Content Sharing Mobile App
Publisher App enables organizations to empower all of their employees to 
share photos and curated content wherever they may be


Needham, MA: ContentMX is excited to announce a new content sharing mobile app, the Publisher Mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Created to help companies integrate their content marketing strategies from their mobile phone or tablet, users of the app can easily create, curate and share content in a secure and compliant manner.

Using their iPhone or Android, users are able to take pictures and add descriptions of their own or they can curate content from many kinds of content sources – including blogs, video channels, search results, Facebook and Twitter social media feeds, LinkedIn groups and more. Users are also notified when special recommended content is added to their library for sharing.

Original and curated content can be posted immediately or scheduled to appear on many different content destinations at once, including blogs, a website, social media, and an email newsletter.

“Imagine if you could build a weekly or monthly newsletter all from your phone,” said Jeffrey Mesnik, President and Co-Founder of ContentMX. “Or Imagine using your phone to keep your website fresh. Our new app closes the loop and makes everyone a content marketing guru.”

The Publisher mobile app enables the following types of solutions:

  • Photo Sharing with Compliance

  • Content Curation and Localization through a Reseller Channel

  • Contribution of Localized Content to a Website

  • Watch for and respond to social media discussions and group posts.

These solutions all make it easy for organizations to share content with their customers, maintain a strong online presence, and engage with their audience. ContentMX demonstrates that combining original and curated content is key to sustaining a strong and successful content marketing strategy. The Publisher app helps companies by allowing them to consistently use original and curated content to maintain a fully integrated and successful content marketing strategy. 

" I use the Publisher mobile app a lot to be able to post from the water", Tony Stracke from Tilly's Marine says. "It helps to keep our customers excited about what we're doing, and showing pictures from events as they are happening helps us engage with our audience. People really enjoy being able to go home and look back on the event through our posts and pictures. They post and comment on the fun that was had earlier in the day and relive the fun. Our industry is constantly changing and cool new things happen all the time so I try to stay up to the minute on it. Having fun is what we do and people like to feel like they are a part of it". 

The Publisher mobile app began as a photo sharing app and has evolved into a content sharing app. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

About ContentMX

ContentMX's intuitive content marketing platform and new content sharing mobile app makes it easy to define and implement an integrated content marketing strategy across websites, blogs, email newsletters and social media. The content marketing company provides the platform, and support, to enable companies to incorporate original and curated content, email and social, to achieve tangible results. It is content marketing made easy.