New! ContentMX on your Phone!

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ContentMX is excited to announce a new content sharing mobile app that expands access to great content with the ability to post from anywhere using iOS and Android device. The Publisher mobile app enables organizations to empower all of their employees to share photos and curated content wherever they may be. Companies can integrate their content marketing strategeis from their mobile phone or tablet, users can of the app can easily create, curate and share content in a secure and compliant manner. 

Users can: 

  • Take pictures and add descriptions of their own 
  • Curate content from many kinds of content sources including blogs, video channels, search results, Facebook and Twitter social media feeds, LinkedIn groups and more 
  • Users are notified when special content is added to their library 
  • Content can be posted immediately or scheduled to appear on many different content destinations at once 

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New and intuitive content sharing solutions include…  

  • Content curation and localization through a reseller
  • Contribution of localiazed content to a website 
  • Review and response to social media discussions and group posts 


Connecting the Publisher mobile app to your account is simple:

1. Once installed on your phone, click to open the app. Enter the username and password you use to access your account. 

2. Go to your computer and login to the same account with your browser. A pop-up will appear asking you to define your poasting profile. This is where you can select which networks will be used when posting from your mobile device.  



Install now for FREE… 


For more information, view the press release here