April 1st: Announcement

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ContentMX the leaders in integrating content, conversation and technology are announcing a brand new breakthrough in content marketing.

“As many of you know Google has been actively engaged in adding smell search to their algorithms. So to stay ahead of the curve, we have discovered a way to package up different scents to be used, with your content marketing programs”, said Jeff Mesnik Founder and President of ContentMX.  “As many people close to me know I have always been fascinated by the role of smell in marketing, ever since my Grandfather used the smell of Freshly Roasted Nuts to attract folks to his Gourmet Food shop (Candy store).”

ContentMX is very excited to now provide a library of scents, that have been curated from around the world.  Here are just a few of those scents that are now available in the ContentMX library.

Fitness Clubs:

The smell of a pool, the smell after a tennis match which is a mixture of Cologne/Perfume and sweat, and the smell of gym equipment after a sweaty person just used it for 30 minutes.

Studies have shown that fanning these scents outside a fitness club will trigger an urge to get active.


ContentMX has successfully bottled the scent from mimeograph machines, returning many millennials and boomers to the days of sniffing the newly inked worksheets just handed to them by Mrs Crabtree.

Technology Companies

Remember that smell of a brand new computer? That too is available in our content library.

ContentMX LLC is extremely excited about these and many other scents available in our library, and since we know that Google is going to soon require that each site has their own original scent, we are actively building a crowd sourced network to provide each company we work with their own smell.  To learn more about ContentMX, contact sales@contentmx.com or visit contentmx.com.