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ContentMX is excited share how brands like Blue Chip Tek, Kintronics, and Datamensional are using the ContentMX platform to get found, build engagement and be remembered.

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Blue Chip Tek Ranks #1 on Google 

2014 was a transformative year for Google. With their latest algorithm updates, the search engine has changed how they value and rank websites, and has altered how brands create, publish and distribute content. Now, the worth of your website is based on the quality of your content, how much traffic your site receives and how users are interacting with your website.

Blue Chip Tek has been able to successfully create content that gets noticed by Google with the help of ContentMX. They utilize ContentMX’s editorial team who help them publish SEO optimized articles on a monthly basis to their blog. The combination of great content with the right distribution plan has helped Blue Chip Tek rank #1 on Google!

“It was taking us a long time to find relevant content every week. Additionally, creating content was something our team didn’t have the bandwidth to accomplish. So the fact that ContentMX was able to write a blog for us was huge.” 

– Andy Linteau,
Director of Client Services at Datamensional

When Datamensional desired a content marketing solution that would support and streamline their marketing efforts, they looked to ContentMX. They were in need of a solution that would reflect their company’s mission: provide actionable, relevant and timely content. Since using ContentMX,  Datamensional has been able to restructure how they cultivate the content needed to sustain an effective content marketing strategy that drives results. “ContentMX helps us consistently deliver relevant content to our target market audience”, Linteau states. Datamensional continues to use original and curated content to drive website traffic and increase engagement.

“The number of unique visits to our site increased from around 5,000 per month, January of 2014 to over 12,000 per month by December of 2014. The number of leads increased from 1 or 2 per day or 4 to 5 leads per day.”

– Kintronics

Kintronics has been able to double their website traffic and double their leads. As they saw an increase in website traffic they also witnessed an increase in new leads. What is the secret to their success? Just like Blue Chip Tek, they create original and valuable articles and then utilize their email newsletters to share their content. By doing so, they create repeat opportunities to increase engagement and drive traffic to their website. They have also dramatically increased the number of people who see their content by using the ContentMX platform to easily publicize their articles in security groups on LinkedIn. Publication in these groups caused discussions that has lead to more people seeing their content and a rise in prospects.

“Our followers have increased, the quality of content has increased and we’ve received increased website traffic with clicked links.”

– Sharreace  Baldwin,
Marketing Manager and Social Media Coordinator at Bond Consulting Services

Content curation is a central part of any content marketing strategy. Bond Consulting Services, a Microsoft Partner, relies on ContentMX’s content library to curate content and “find relevant content every week”. Baldwin says, “organizing multiple content sources in an easy drag and drop method helps me choose content quickly (which is very important for time-sensitive posts).  I can choose content directly from Microsoft blogs, YouTube Channels and Twitter feeds”.  By being timely and proactive with their sharing, Bond Consulting is able to gain the trust of their customers, nurture their relationships with their customers and gain more recognition from industry leaders like Microsoft.

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