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Just Because Content is Available Doesn’t Mean it’s Being Shared

If you’re like most channel marketers, you’re constantly trying to find new ways to keep your partners’ attention and get them selling better. You may try to do both by creating marketing and training assets that you then post to your partner-facing websites and/or portals. You may then track “asset downloads” as a metric of success, without actually knowing if your partners are really using the content you provide in market – and if that content is generating new leads for them.

This is a traditional approach to partner-marketing that, after more than a decade, continues to rely on posting static assets to web portals and content libraries that partners waste hours navigating and then abandon. The “campaign in a box” did not solve this problem because, too often, partners do not have the time or resources to regularly search, customize, and publish new materials. They get stuck in the box, or lost in the portal, and your well-thought-out marketing assets and training tools go unused.

Content now streaming from your favorite distributors and vendors…

Publish customizable, step-by-step marketing content to and through channel partners every week

We provide a prescribed marketing program for partners using simple, customizable, step-by-step marketing plans. No need to produce special content. We tap into the materials vendors already have, sort them into weekly campaigns and put them into context that channel partners can thereafter customize and distribute.

New Content Every Week Drives Engagement

Publish automatically with customization and review

A Proactive Approach that Impacts Your Bottom Line

An Editorial Team That Makes it All Happen

Comprehensive Onboarding, Training and Support

Advanced Features Provide a Complete Solution

New Content Every Week Keeps Everyone Engaged

Every Monday the weekly digest highlights new videos, white papers, case studies, infographics, thought leadership articles, lead capture forms, training materials and more for channel partners to publish to their end customers and prospects. This new content is provided in an elegant, prescribed and personalized manner allowing optional customization. Publish directly to a blog, email lists and social media. Each partner is also on their own timeline with their own unique login to the ContentMX platform.

Content Published by Partners, or Published for them After Review

You not only provide partners what you want them to promote, but how and when to promote it. Partners can review, edit and publish the content after it arrives each week, or after review we can publish it for them.  

A Proactive Approach that Impacts Your Bottom Line

This new solution quickly impacts your channel, creating a “new behavior.” Partners will now wait with anticipation for new content campaigns to arrive every week. They will go from casual observer to engaged marketer, learning and promoting your business each step of the way. Now even that 1 person or “no person” marketing department looks professional. And, you can track all of their activity and count the leads.  

An Editorial Team That Makes it All Happen

Our editorial team works with you to identify the content in your organization and organize it into channels, themes and weekly episodes. An editorial calendar is produced for your approval. We put it all into context and produce the materials that surround it such as background graphics, email banners and layouts, tweet and Facebook updates, lead collection forms, and more. All you need to do is point us to your content. If needed, we can also produce new content for you, including infographics, ebooks, white papers, and hero videos.

Comprehensive Onboarding, Training and Support

Our team is responsible for onboarding and training your partners. We work with you to deploy a series of marketing and outreach campaigns that will yield the highest level of adoption. The onboarding process includes:

  • Custom branded landing page to provide sign up form, account login and support resources
  • Outgoing email and telephone contact to invite partners to enroll
  • Weekly and on-demand webinars for getting started and ongoing best practice
  • One-on-one training and account setup sessions
  • Online training materials including guides and videos available on demand
  • Repeat contacts made to inactive partners by phone and email.

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Advanced Features Provide a Complete Solution

This platform offers many advanced features that make it a state-of-the-art marketing solution. This includes:

  • Materials that automatically incorporate partner branding, including customized blogs, emails, and social posts, PDF and Powerpoint documents.
  • Gated campaigns that require contact information to be collected before access to content is granted (we call these “Build Your List promotions”).
  • Incentives provided through goal setting and gamification related to the sharing, emailing, and downloading of materials
  • “Themes” transform your content into logical, story-driven campaigns over multiple weeks
  • Segment content for distinct business areas into “channels” and allow partners to select the channels that best fit their interests and target customers
  • Reporting for partners that tracks all activity on published content and provides lead scoring
  • Reporting for vendors that provides detailed analysis of partner engagement, content popularity, posting trends and audience reach
  • Single sign-on through popular providers like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Or, customized to your platform.