Press Release? What’s the best, fastest, cheapest, most likely to get read, way to send one?

Jeff Mesnik How To

Another way to look at a Press Release is as content to be followed. There are a lot of press release services, and they all can start to get your news circulated to different publications, but there is also a lot of noise. It has become so easy to circulate the press release that people are doing it all the time. Any news site can easily take a release and publish it under its segmented category. So what?

The real challenge is breaking through the noise and getting an editor to follow you, and hopefully write about your news.

In the past I have worked with PR firms on the idea that they should have an e-newsletter/publication that targets writers which helps them easily follow the latest news stories from that firms client. And now I am promoting the idea that companies need to capture the attention of the writers/editors and try to get them to be friends, colleagues, and followers of the company news blog or feed.

Here are some tangible/tactical ideas:

In the release make sure it is clear that editors and writers can follow the news from your company using your Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook accounts.

Use all of these mediums to insure regular posts appear regarding company news.

Reach out via phone or email or both to the editors/writers of the various publications with a simple and easy way for them to follow your news.

When you do this, do not forget the independent bloggers. These people can be more influential in a community than the writers of major publications. This brings us to the next step, start following the bloggers that have influence in your market on Twitter (and in other places). There is a reciprocal politeness currently on Twitter that you should follow the people who follow you.

This strategy is all about making the news and information you want people to read available in the medium that they want to receive it in. This may seem like a little bit extra work, but it is inexpensive, and it is a way to potentially break through and get your news read, and create business results.