Why is Marketing with Newsletters Such a Big Deal?

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Email newsletters build your business by providing increased market awareness and sales. They also help build your reputation, keeping you in touch with your prospects and customers.  And, most importantly, newsletters improve your SEO. Yes, they can really improve your search position.

Newsletter Marketing Boosts Sales – But Not Overnight

Part of the normal sales cycle is keeping in touch with your prospects.  Awareness is probably one of the most significant factors in closing the sale.  That’s how you increase your opportunities.  email newsletters provide a very effective way to stay connected with your prospects and customers.

How many times have you talked to an interested prospect, but after weeks go by, you haven’t heard from them. We all know that it can take many months before a sale is closed, so how do we make sure that you are  remembered at the moment your prospect is ready to buy?  The answer: stay in touch.  Send them a newsletter every month.  If the content is good, they will appreciate the information, and at the very least remember who you are and what you do.

There are other ways to keep in touch with prospects.  You can send them a personal email, or give them a call.  But, as your list grows, it becomes increasing difficult to keep in touch with everyone.  An email newsletter lets you touch all your prospects at once in a meaningful way.

Newsletters Build Your Reputation

Would you like to be known as the expert in your field?  Having a great reputation increases confidence, and helps you close sales. The right newsletter content can make that happen.  

By publishing informative articles that explain how to use your product, or comparing it to the competition, or even how the technology works; you build reputation. The right content increases confidence, trust and stature.

An email newsletter also helps increase engagement.  By using the newsletter to direct people to social media or your own custom branded Conversation Page, you can increase engagement and buzz that improves your recognition and authority in your field.

Newsletters Improve Search Position

One of the most important functions of a good newsletter is to improve your website search position.  Newsletters increase your search position in two ways.  They increase the number of clicks on your site, and when used with a companion microsite (and its associated landing pages), provide an additional way to enhance your web presence.

Search position is increased when people click to your site.  Your newsletter should be designed to bring people to your website and blog. Fill the newsletter with short descriptive paragraphs that are teasers to read the rest of the story. The “Read More” link can take readers to your blog or other locations on your website..  Make sure your newsletter articles include focused keyword phrases, to improve your search position.

It has been shown that publishing your newsletter increases the number of hits on your site by over 15%.  The more hits, the greater the opportunity for you to receive a lead.

For all of these reasons, newsletter marketing is indeed a very big deal. As you consider your newsletter marketing strategy, note that ContentMX provides a newsletter application that generates a landing page for each article in your  newsletter. We also provide easy access to custom and curated content that will keep your newsletter process on schedule each month. Contact us to learn more about how we make your email newsletter marketing happen.