3 SlideShares Worth Sharing

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We are all about SlideShare these days. With so many great presentations on SlideShare, it’s like YouTube, you can get lost for hours exploring and learning about all different topics. Here are three slideshares that have really resonated with us recently. 

1. Brush Up On Your Social Selling Skills from Gerry Moran

Gerry Moran, he gives great advice on Twitter (you can follow him at @GerryMoran), has put together a very informative presentation on how to connect with customers and open doors using social media. It is a topic we’re always talking about, and we really appreciate his insight. 

2. How to Determine the ROI of Anything from Gary Vaynerchuk

Marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk puts it in perspective for us. Mr. Vaynerchuk also has a fantastic YouTube channel, you can check it out here


With the bucket challenge taking social media, and the world, by storm, it was really nice to come across this #TechForGood slideshare. It is great to know that companies like LinkedIn, Google and Facebook are giving back, and making it easier for us to give back as well. 

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