How to Create a Culture Where Content Marketing Thrives

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Autodesk’s Dusty DiMercurio started his bold vision with a pilot project. Today, the Content Marketer of the Year finalist has created a multi-award-winning publication and influences the company to think differently about content. Read More… Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest

A Guide to Content Curation

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Click here to receive ContentMX's 'A Guide to Content Curation', a checklist to help you effectively utilize content curation to increase engagement, drive traffic to your website and provide industry insight that provides value, not more noise to your customers.  The Guide to Content Curation includes:  The difference between curated content and duplicate content  Benefits of content curation via Heidi Cohen  How to improve your SEO with curated …

Are your subject lines strong enough?

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A good subject line should be short and sweet, with keywords the make or break between good and attention-grabbing. Here are a few overarching best practices from Mashable. Read More… Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest

Mastering Your Brand’s Story

ContentMX Interesting Link discusses how effective storytelling can help you capture the hearts and minds of customers. We also talk a lot about storytelling with our clients. This is one of the core aspects of implementing a good content marketing plan. Picture yourself sitting in the principals office after getting into some trouble with your friends. Who did it? What happened? Why did …

2014 Channel Partner Survey

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          We have put together a short survey to help channel marketers understand the challenges their channel partners are facing. Our goal is to provide OEMs, such as IBM, Juniper and Microsoft the answers they need to know in order to provide better marketing support to you. Since we know your time is limited, we’ve kept …