What is a Social Digest?

The key part of any marketing strategy is the regular content you are posting to your blogs and social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. When you post this great content to your social networks, it will mix in with all of the other chatter out there. You will need to be persistent to see your message get through.

So, how many people are you really talking to anyway?

If you are like most businesses on the web today, the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers you have pales in comparison to the number of email addresses you have.

So how do you rise above all the chatter, and quickly expand your fans and followers?

Use Your Email List to Send a Social Digest or a Social Newsletter

Your email marketing list is essentially another social network. By contacting people with email, it reminds them of the conversation and directs them back to that conversation page for further engagement.

Social digests and newsletters meld email with your other marketing efforts. A digest is a collection of the most recent messages that you have posted to social media sites and blogs. This collection is assembled into an email message and sent every week (or month) to your email list. This is a type of email newsletter – but it goes further by integrating tightly to your social media posts.

Producing and Emailing a Social Digest is Simple

First, we make sure you post new content each week. This maintains your social presence, but it also gives you the content that will appear in your digest.

Then, we connect to your email list. We think of email lists like any other social network. You can copy and paste your list or upload a data file, or we can connect directly to your mailing list on email services like Constant Contact, Oracle Eloqua, Exact Target, Marketo, MailChimp, etc.

When you define your digest, you can specify a repeating schedule for it. This can automate the sending of digests each week.

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