8 Steps to Driving Cloud Sales with Business Content

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Google doesn’t just look for keywords anymore. Google has focused on delivering more relevant results by interpreting the meaning of whole phrases instead of focusing on individual words.  This means that every query entered into the google search bar is analyzed for how well your content meets the search requirements —  the more your content hits the mark the better you rank.

As a technology marketer selling cloud solutions to solve your prospect’s business problems, you need to have content that reflects what those business issues are. Your content needs to convey that you are a thought leader who understands the pain your customers are facing. And, not only do you need to convince your prospect of your value you also need to convince Google.

For example, consider these top issues facing the cloud:

  1. The Great Migration: “In 2017, the “great migration” begins, and we’ll have more workloads moving to cloud-based platforms than ever before. So, we’ll also have the issues of running into problems that we have not seen before. Security and performance will continue to be issues to overcome.” — David Linthicum Senior Vice President, Cloud Technology Partners
  2. The Ability to Revolutionize: The most important aspect of cloud computing lies in its ability to revolutionize business and economic models. The challenge is to avoid focusing on the technology in order to embrace the new opportunities that it enables. — Kevin L. Jackson Independent Technology Thought Leader, IBM
  3. The Cybersecurity Threat: “The biggest cloud computing challenges we’ll face in 2017 are security, automation, and legacy applications. To prevent security breaches, it’s critical to implement security within every layer of your AWS infrastructure.” — Andreas Wittig Senior AWS Consultant, tecRacer

So how should you deliver the message? Talk about business problems.

Effective content marketing is data-driven —  help your prospects understand current technology trends, share advice, and offer inspiration to solve their very real business problems. Technology customers want to know that you understand their pain first before you tell them what your technology does.

For true end-to-end content marketing, follow these steps:

  1. Understand your audience’s pain — what do they care about?
  2. Develop a content plan based on #1
  3. Create original content that offers true value to the reader
  4. Curate relevant content to educate your audience on industry trends
  5. Simultaneously post to your blog and social media channels
  6. Send out a weekly or biweekly newsletter to drive engagement
  7. Leverage your content with destination sites that amplify results
  8. Watch your qualified leads increase and your sales grow!

With the mass migration to the cloud, the competition continues to increase. When your audience is searching for answers to their problems your content must position your business as the obvious choice. A sustainable content marketing strategy that speaks to your buyer’s pain will position you as a trusted leader and drive more sales for your solutions. To get started on your content marketing strategy, ContentMX has the content marketing expertise and the technology knowledge you need to effectively reach your audience. Contact us today.