Improve Your Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy with Content

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Account based marketing (ABM) grows revenue by focusing specific marketing efforts on high-value accounts. For B2B technology companies, ABM has the power to transform your sales and marketing process to use fewer resources, improve efficiency and increase revenue from your marketing efforts. Consider the following statistics:

  • ITSMA revealed that 80% of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments.

  • The Alterra Group reports that 84% of marketers said that ABM had significant benefits to retaining and expanding existing client relationships.

  • According to Forrester, 89.5% of B2B purchases are still completed by a salesperson but when you look at the fact that 74% of businesses conduct more than half their research online you start to see how critical targeted content can be to the sales process.

The Relationship between ABM and Content

When you develop content based on a targeted named account and buyer persona, you increase the chance of your company ending up on the short list.  Organizations are doing their research and you need to be sure that you will be found

With a coordinated effort to personalize sales and marketing, marketers can influence accounts with the highest likelihood of closing. The content message to an individual prospect account, persona or group will capture their attention if it is targeted specifically to their business problems.

Use Content to Foster Account Relationships and Drive Conversion

Content that speaks to a business problem or provides insights that will drive more revenue are more relevant to prospects and influencers. Content should be specifically directed at an account based on the following:

  • Offer solutions to business problems faced by the target audience

  • Be specific to the industry of the account

  • Talk to the various personas involved in the buying decision

  • Provide tips, tactics and solutions

B2B marketers need to connect and engage with prospects by providing high-quality content that speaks to their audience, and use that content to enhance and develop important sales relationships.

Take ABM and Content to a Whole New Level

Beyond posting to a blog or website or sending out a message on social media, your content needs at least one targeted destination that is devoted to your named account.

  • ABM Microsites. The volume of highly informative content targeted to your account establishes a credible destination. Keep prospects and customers coming back to your this destination by providing content that offers real value. By creating an interactive experience that will further conversations on one or more areas of interest you will gain the trust of your prospects.

  • Social Media. Select the channels that prospective influencers and large accounts use to find other like-minded prospects and use them to drive traffic to your ABM microsite. Listen to what your accounts are saying on social media and tailor your approach to increase the appeal of your content.

With an ABM influence on content, marketing can create a laser-focused approach to their messaging. A coordinated effort by the sales and marketing team with targeted content will more effectively reach those that can benefit from your technology solution.

According to SiriusDecisions: ABM helps to evolve the role of marketing to reflect a stronger alignment with sales objectives and customer needs to deliver better execution and revenue outcomes.

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