Embedded Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, or Native Advertising. What’s Best?

ContentMX How To

Guerrilla marketing, embedded marketing, and native advertising are three forms of Internet marketing, but what is the difference and what is best for you? Guerrilla Marketing I first heard this term used when I worked for Sony, back in 1984.  Morrita, the chairman and founder of Sony, had probably read the book, Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson. Guerilla marketing …

Infographic: 3 Steps to Content Marketing Success

Lorien Balayan Case Study

ContentMX is excited share how brands like Blue Chip Tek, Kintronics, and Datamensional are using the ContentMX platform to get found, build engagement and be remembered.       Blue Chip Tek Ranks #1 on Google  2014 was a transformative year for Google. With their latest algorithm updates, the search engine has changed how they value and rank websites, and has altered …

5 Things to Know About Content Marketing

Lorien Balayan How To

A huge thank you to ClickDimensions and Heather Wright, Marketing Director, for inviting us to join yesterday’s webinar, ‘Content Marketing with ClickDimensions and ContentMX’. It was an absolute pleasure to talk about content marketing with Heather. We have rounded up our five favorite take aways from the webinar and have also made ContentMX’s slides available to view on SlideShare. To …

Webinar: Content Marketing with ClickDimensions and ContentMX

Lorien Balayan Webinars

We are excited to join ClickDimensions on Tuesday, January 20th at 11AM ET for the FREE educational webinar, Content Marketing with ClickDimensions and ContentMX.  The webinar will provide insight on how to use content marketing to promote your brand, establish your organization as a thought leader, and generate high quality leads for your sales team. It is a companion to their …

Why Duplicate Content is Just Not Worth the Risk

Lorien Balayan Case Study

  Since Google made the algorithm updates Panda and Hummingbird, using duplicate content, just like keyword stuffing, now harms your ability to be ranked well by Google and other search engines. Using duplicate content on your website is no longer worth the risk as Kintronics recently found out. Kintronics, an IP Solutions company, inadvertently conducted their own “experiment” on duplicate …

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Content

Lorien Balayan How To

As we get closer and closer to the new year (time is flying by!) we thought now would be the perfect time to review 3 concepts that should be integrated into your content marketing to optimize your content in 2015. Create Content that Can Adapt How often is your mobile device by your side? Actually, we should ask you when …

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