There is Always a Place for Humor

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Originally posted by Jeff Mesnik on LinkedIn 

Do you take yourself too seriously? Are you a humorless sod? Here is a quick test.

If your Facebook or LinkedIn profile picture has a stern look, you may have a stick up your butt.

Are you the boss? When you walk into a room, before the start of a meeting, do people stop laughing? If so, you may be a humorless sod.

I think people believe that humor is weakness and with weakness comes a lack of respect. I am sure that I am not the first to call bull shit on this premise.

I am not promoting the idea of coming into a room wearing a clown nose, but I am saying that humor has a place at work!

I believe that a large part of the worlds challenges revolve around the fact that we don’t know how to laugh at ourselves.

Here is another way to put it, we are all crazy, we all have our crazy, and we need to own it, embrace it, and let others know that we understand it and can even laugh at it.

How does this apply to content marketing? A good content strategy helps you get found, promote engagement, and be remembered. Studies have shown, that people will engage longer on sites that have some fun/entertaining relevant content. The humor though should be targeted and relatable.

For example: We work with firms that sell to engineers, so we heavily promote referencing content from “I love Engineering” or “Trust me I am an Engineer”. The goal is to capture prospects with relevant content that solves a problem they have, but to keep them engaged with relatable humor.

Think I am full of it? Well here are a few more articles that support my assertion…Though many have said I am full of something. 🙂

If you think you may be one of those people who lack the ability to laugh at work, or at yourself, well it is time to change. Start simply by updating that Facebook, or LinkedIn profile with a smile. I bet you gain more engagement immediately. Though be prepared to hear someone say, “Wow you have teeth? Who new? 🙂

So what is your crazy? And how are you going to help add humor to your content strategy?

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